Raising the standards for your home and vacation homes.

Hydeaway Shop was founded by Tyler and Arved who live with their families in Calgary.

We have an extensive experience in hospitality, transportation and tourism industry. While Tyler is born and bred in Calgary, Arved is an international nomad who has recently found his home in Calgary. And by chance, it turned out we are neighbours!

The idea of Hydeaway Shop was born during one of many adventures with our dogs Gus and Cooper.

About Hydeaway

Frustrated by the inconsistent standards of vacation rentals, with our entrepreneurial spirit and experience we recognized an opportunity to develop a brand that our clients could trust to deliver products with quality, style, and value. In a world of excesses and inconsistencies we will deliver direction to a selection of brands and products to energize your lifestyle, bringing you happiness and calm.

We spent 8 months seeking our first brands to partner with for the bedroom and bathroom products.  Once Hydeaway Shop is completely built out, we will have products that satisfy all your needs throughout your home or Hydeaway. We have carefully selected our partners with criteria far deeper than just whether they produce the highest quality of products, we want our partners to share in our values of sustainability, customer care, responsible labour practices, and community.

Our Mission

As founders of Hydeaway Shop, we are hyper-focused on developing deep trust with our clients while delivering them with the most compelling products to improve their experiences at their homes and Hydeaways.